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What is YakSee

"Live-streaming apps heat up" (mashable). Video streaming has been around for a long time, and there are lots of popular services; now live video streaming is the new, cool, wave. But YakSee says just watching someone else’s live stream – however popular they are – is not enough; the audience wants to become part of the show; we all want to interact and not just watch passively.

And interact doesn’t just mean we can text the presenter, or vote them up with emojis. It doesn’t mean a pre-selected panel is on screen while the rest of the audience is locked out either. It means anyone anywhere can join the presenter on-screen (if selected by the presenter – this isn’t anarchy after all!) on an ad hoc basis. And the presenter can select any audience member to join her; then another, then another, and so on. Or even select no-one; yes, YakSee can do the basic live streaming job as well!

We like to think of it as not just interactive live video streaming, but eventually as the democratization of broadcasting. At a personal level anyone, anywhere on the planet with a smartphone or tablet can create their own interactive broadcast station and broadcast live to thousands of people. Not just that, but they can pull any one of their audience into the broadcast to be seen and heard by everyone. Have real interactive family meetings, or knitting circles, or church groups, or...

As well as allowing anyone, anywhere, to create their own broadcast, YakSee also provides a professional-grade Interactive Live Broadcast platform for those who need more tools to do things like: manage the broadcast flow, screen and queue callers, get information and maps on caller location, be listed on YakSee “program guides”, invite the general public to join at large just like a on-air broadcast, and possibly most importantly make money from their broadcasts.

This Professional YakSee also has the ability to separate the Producer/Manager function from the Broadcaster, both in terms of the device each function runs on, and even geographically. So you can stay in Nashville and manage the live broadcasts of your artists - even if they are broadcasting from their tour bus!

Professional YakSee has lots of uses including (and this is just a small sample) Citizen Reporting, Talk Video, Interactive Distance Learning, and celebrity/fan interaction.


YakSee Story

Shah was deeply frustrated at not being able to watch and interact with his 11 year old daughter while she competed at the 2010 Pan American Championship. “Necessity is truly the mother of invention” and this frustration drove Shah to, architect a solution, develop and file for the patents and pull an experienced team together to develop YakSee’s Interactive Broadcasting Platform.

When Leilah Talukder and her US National Synchronized Swimming team went to Lima, Shah had to stay back as did 100’s of other parents, swimmers and coaches from across US. They couldn’t watch and interact with the US team while they were away, not to mention watch and congratulate them as they won the Gold. He had to rely on phone commentary from his wife, Darlene, and a CD of the performance which would come 5 weeks later. “With all this technology around us there has got to be a way to not only broadcast from Peru to 1,000’s of us in the U.S. but also enable anyone who wanted to jump on the Broadcast and interact directly with the girls in Lima”. Shah, a Silicon Valley veteran, felt the frustration and a seed was planted when he found out parents from across the U.S., Mexico, Canada and other countries shared the need.

More frustration ensued four years ago during their first family visit to Bangladesh, Leilah and Sabera, Shah’s daughters, experienced first-hand the horrible condition of many girls in Bangladesh. They wanted to help in any way they could and started working with Sajida Foundation an NGO in Bangladesh. The two girls with support from Sajida Foundation established an English Language Outreach Club (LOC) in Los Gatos High School, in Silicon Valley to teach English to who were part of the Sajida. The club started to gather to teach groups of 4-5 girls in Dhaka every 2 weeks using Skype. That extremely rewarding effort wasn’t without trouble and frustration. The students in Dhaka had to travel to a location where they could get their hands on a PC and a fast enough internet connection for video conference while Leilah’s friends gathered in her house for 2 hours. On top of that, often times either the internet went down or Skype chose to freeze up, wasting many tens of minutes per session or causing them to abandon the session entirely.

It was at this point and coupled with the earlier frustrations that Shah invented the solution, defined the architecture, filed for the patents and pulled a team together to start development. Now the LOC student can use YakSee’s “Interactive Distance Learning” application where one student can teach 100’s of students at one time while enabling Interactive Video with anyone from anywhere in the world. They truly have gone Global.

Who We Are

YakSee is a self-funded startup based in Silicon Valley, California. We filed for a set of patents, began product development and incorporated YakSee in early 2011. We are a team of highly experienced architects, developers, marketing and business development members who have been passionately developing and preparing for YakSee product insertion. We have offices in Silicon Valley/California and Hyderabad/India.

Earlier this year, on June 28th. 2015, YakSee launched an Android Beta program in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is famous for its large-scale distance learning projects; distance learning cries out for interactivity, so we decided to begin with a limited access program in Bangladesh specifically to support, and add live interactivity to, the many excellent distance learning projects taking place there.

As a supporting platform for distance learning YakSee allows teachers to fully participate live and interact directly with students while other students look on and learn in the process. Unlike traditional distance learning, remote learners can be pulled in from anywhere in the world to participate in the broadcast so their skills can be immediately demonstrated, critiqued and improved. By allowing this interactivity YakSee preserves, enhances, and extends the teacher/pupil relationship. All the teacher and students need is a smartphone or tablet, access to a network, and YakSee.

We continue to make successful progress on the Bangladesh Beta. YakSee has also signed a MOU with the Ministry of ICT/BCC to integrate YakSee as an “IP based Interactive Broadcasting Platform” for eServices/education on the Government fiber backbone. We have begun a pilot started to install YakSee on 20,000 tablets across all Ministries. We are also starting a number of NGO pilots.

We were able to execute this Beta release program because of the support we received from Google, who provided us with free and subsidized Cloud Services that are helping enable YakSee’s expansion and growth.

Beta release in the USA and India will follow in the next few months.