March 18th. 2016: YakSee launches at Silicon Valley Comic Con and will Interactively Broadcast The Opening Ceremony with Steve Wozniak & Stan Lee and much more…

SVCC YakSee_Demonstration

With YakSee anyone, anywhere, can create their own interactive broadcast station and reach a global audience that could range from just a few people to tens of thousands. Unlike current Internet live streaming services, YakSee allows a broadcaster to
select anyone in the audience, from anywhere, to participate on their mobile device. The
interviewee can then be seen and heard by all viewers globally. Then the broadcaster can select
another viewer to participate and interact, then another, and so on.
YakSee is for everyone: YakSee will democratize broadcasting. With YakSee, anyone can become a
broadcaster. YakSee is a platform that allows you to create your own broadcasts and distribute them
as you see fit; you are the content creator, you own the content and you own and control the
If you are someone who is already well-known and have an existing following or audience, you can
now reach that audience, and interact directly with them, without needing to persuade a traditional
broadcasting organization that you deserve to host a broadcast. You retain control of your broadcasts
and you control access to your audience! You own your voice and you take it to the world.
If you need to host an interactive online event for friends, family, or common interest groups (church,
sports, etc.), YakSee allows you to do that. Your only limit is imagination!
YakSee is interactive: Video streaming has been around for a while, and there are lots of popular
services; right now live video streaming is the new wave. But YakSee believes watching someone
else’s live stream is not enough; the audience wants to become part of the show; we all want the
chance to interact.
And “interact” doesn’t just mean we can text the presenter, or vote them up with emojis. It doesn’t
mean a pre-selected panel is on screen while the rest of the audience is locked out, either. It means
anyone – anywhere – can be selected at any time during the broadcast to join the presenter onscreen.
YakSee also allows you to share and interact by using whiteboards, or to stream video from other
sources like YouTube, or even drone feeds.
YakSee works for professional broadcasts: YakSee provides a professional platform for those who
need more tools to do things like: manage the broadcast flow, screen and queue callers, poll viewers,
get information and maps on all participant locations, be listed on YakSee “program guides,” invite
the general public to join at large just like an over the air broadcast, and, possibly most importantly,
make money from broadcasts.
YakSee has a sophisticated Production Management feature which has the ability to separate the
Producer/Manager function from the Broadcaster, both in terms of geography and device type. So a
Producer/Manager can stay in Nashville and manage the broadcasts of artists in Paris or from their
tour bus on the road to the next concert.
YakSee has integrated with professional broadcasters like TV5 News in Hyderabad/India to allow
them to add viewer interaction to existing over the air broadcasts. This has been a goal of traditional
broadcast organizations for many years; YakSee enables it today.
Who Will Use YakSee? YakSee is a platform that can be used to enable a wide variety of potential
markets. Even prior to the Beta release, YakSee has had discussions with a number of potential users
including: Entertainment/Talk Radio, News (The Daily Caller), Sports (USA Synchro), Hollywood/Film
(Casting), and Interactive Distance Learning (NGO’s in Bangladesh & India).
About YakSee Inc.: YakSee is a self-funded startup which has quietly developed a scalable cloudcentric
“Interactive Broadcasting Platform” for mobile devices based on a set of patented
technologies. Google Cloud has been a significant supporter of YakSee, including providing free and
subsidized Cloud Services to enable YakSee’s expansion and growth.
YakSee’s USA Beta release is available as a free download from Google Play Store and works on the
latest versions of Android OS; an Apple iOS version is available for external Beta testers. YakSee is
easily downloadable to an Android TV box which turns any HDMI-ready television into a Global
Interactive Broadcasting Station: Imagine your television becoming a Broadcast Station
YakSee is at Silicon Valley Comic Con: Come and see it all at The Silicon Valley Comic Con – App Alley
(booth 741-A), San Jose Convention Center, March 18th. – 20th. Attendees at the first Silicon Valley
Comic Con are encouraged to download YakSee to their smartphone or tablet, and see and
participate in a series of live interactive broadcasts taking place during the convention. We are sure
many attendees will use YakSee to create their own interactive broadcasts about their experience at
SVCC, or create their own content and share it.
Contact: Shah Talukder, Chairman and CEO: Phone: (408) 438 8836; email
Visit:; YakSee at Google Play Store;

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